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Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders (ADRD)
Care2Learn’s Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders (ADRD) library has a variety of selections for several levels of experience, with courses targeted to homecare workers, Assisted Living Facility (ALF) staff and other post-acute nursing care professionals.

Clinical Skills
Your clinical skills, when knowledgeably applied, provide therapeutic intervention in a number of areas that helps comfort your patients. Whether you need to brush up on your specialty, learn something new about a particular aspect of clinical care or simply need guidance, there’s likely a course in the Care2Learn library that can help.

Communication is an art that can be improved upon with practice. The Care2Learn library has courses that will help you get the information you need, deliver information that you must, and reach people who may seem resistant to listening in non-confrontational ways.

Compliance & Risk Management
The nature of long-term care has become a high-risk business as public demands, government regulations, high costs and reimbursement programs make compliance ever more difficult and penalties harsher for noncompliance. Whether you’re called to testify in court or need to know the legal limits of using restraint, Care2Learn’s course library is the place to turn.

People whose memories and behaviors are impaired need special attention, and Care2Learn’s activity programming, massage and compassionate touch courses and more teaches you new ways of helping them cope.

Learn about the different aspects of this common illness with Care2Learn’s selection of diabetes courses. We cover acute and microvascular complications, nutrition, oral medications, and more in the Care2Learn course library.

Disaster Preparedness
As we’ve seen so often in the news, disaster can strike without warning and have devastating consequences. Whether you work in a facility or in home health, do you know what you’d do in the event of a catastrophe? Put your plan in place with Care2Learn’s disaster preparedness courses!

Domestic Violence & Abuse
Domestic violence happens in both the family and in the professional care arena. Care2Learn courses can teach you how to spot and prevent domestic abuse of both old and young and give you guidelines about what constitutes sexual harassment.

Dysphagia – difficulty and/or discomfort when swallowing – is a complex topic, and the way it is treated can have social, ethical and legal ramifications. Get your head around it with Care2Learn’s comprehensive course coverage.

End of Life Care
What are the considerations for providing the best care for the patient when the aim is not necessarily recovery, but quality of life? Care2Learn courses tackle this question and others concerning palliative care and give you the answers you need.

Explore the complicated subject of ethics and the many ways it pertains to healthcare providers with Care2Learn’s library of courses. For nurses, physical therapists, management and more.

Of all the topics in healthcare, dealing with grief is one of the most inevitable and delicate. Care2Learn courses can help healthcare staff navigate the grief process, set up bereavement groups, prepare for the “holiday blues” among patients and staff and much more.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was enacted to help ensure the privacy of individuals who need care, and it has changed the face of recordkeeping and information disclosure. Learn about HIPAA and how it impacts the healthcare field at Care2Learn.

Home Health
From the basics to the most recent updates to OASIS, Care2Learn has the knowledge you need for the home health arena. Get training about the basics, learn about Medicare coverage, and stay on top of the latest regulations with engaging, interactive online courses.

Learn the fundamentals of providing hospice care with Care2Learn courses, and stay on top of regulatory rulings. The Care2Learn course library has up-to-date, interactive online offering to get (and keep) you up to speed.

Infection Control & Prevention
Remember the initial panic over HIV and AIDS, and this year’s chaos over the spread of H1N1? Arm yourself with the facts when it comes to infection control and prevention with Care2Learn’s comprehensive course library.  You – and your patients – will breathe easier knowing you’re in control and prepared instead of uncertain.

Anything and everything you need to know about Leadership in the healthcare arena can be found in the Care2Learn course library, whether you’re an Administrator, an LPN or an administrative assistant. Check out our leadership series to ensure continuous improvement, productivity and success!

Management Skills
Whether you’re in charge of ensuring compliance with Affirmative Action, marketing your facility or in charge of healthcare personnel, Care2Learn’s management skills courses can help you. If you’re tasked with a management challenge, look to the Care2Learn library for a solution you can understand and use quickly!

Medical Errors Prevention
A medical error is the worst nightmare of almost everyone in the healthcare field, and you can’t afford to relax your guard against preventing one. Care2Learn covers error prevention for administrators, audiologists, OTs, mental health professionals, PTs, SLPs, and more.

Mental Health & Neurology
Whether you’re dealing with someone who is elderly, a substance abuse issue, stress or clinical depression, knowing your options when treating various neurological and/or mental health conditions is critical. Care2Learn’s course library examines numerous aspects of mental health and neurology to help caregivers.

Care2Learn has courses that cover all aspects of nutrition – from healthy eating for healthcare practitioners themselves to dietary guidelines for patients who have (or are overcoming) a wide variety of challenges. Check into the Care2Learn library to check out the knowledge you need!

Palliative Care
Care2Learn courses address even the most delicate subjects professionally and realistically. See our offerings for managing the care and comfort of those who now need to put comfort before the cure.

Wound Care
From pressure wounds to skin anatomy, from assessment to interventions to prevention, Care2Learn has wound care covered in its courses


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