CMS “Hand in Hand” Training

Section 6121 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires facilities to ensure nurse aides receive regular training on abuse prevention as well as caring for persons with dementia. This training should be included as part of the mandated inservice education nurse aides must complete each year.

While the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have developed an instructor-led training series entitled “Hand in Hand: A Training Series for Nursing Homes,” other training options and resources are also available—including those provided by Care2Learn. In fact, according to the CMS memorandum on Hand in Hand training issued by CMS to State Survey Agency Directors and dated September 14, 2012 (Ref: S&C: 12-44-NH ):
“While annual training for nurse aides on dementia care and abuse prevention is required in current nursing home regulations, we do not require nursing homes to use Hand in Hand specifically as a training tool. Other tools and resources are also available.”
As one of those “other tools,” Care2Learn compared its library of modules with the 6-hour CMS training series. Unlike the CMS training, which must be instructor led, Care2Learn offers a simpler, more convenient option to fulfill this training requirement with expert-developed courses that meet the training criteria and minimize the overall time investment. However, we commend CMS on its effort to support and provide the long-term care industry with tools and resources such as this solution.  

The Care2Learn Difference

Based on a thorough analysis of both the Hand in Hand tool and the current Care2Learn library, we have identified the following key differentiators:
  • CMS Objectives are Met: Care2Learn clinical experts have completed a thorough review of the learning objectives from the CMS course series and created a crosswalk to Care2Learn content.  
  • No Need for a Live Instructor: Unlike the CMS training, Care2Learn delivers the same easily accessible format (online 24/7) our clients have come to appreciate, and we do not require instructor involvement.
  • LMS Tracking: The Care2Learn Learning & Performance Engine (LMS) makes it easy to track and record training completion for all employees—making results easily accessible for survey purposes. If you choose to use the CMS Hand in Hand training, remember to use our LMS to track staff participation.  
  • No Change to the Format You Love: Care2Learn makes the Affordable Care Act-required training on abuse prevention and dementia more accessible with a completely online option.

Care2Learn Modules 

The following is a list of Care2Learn modules on abuse and dementia care that would mirror the objectives outlined in the CMS Hand in Hand training tools. 
Care2Learn Courses
Providing High Quality Dementia Care
Communication with Older Adults with Dementia
Understanding the Meaning Behind Behaviors: Actions and Reactions
Abuse and Neglect
Abuse and Neglect Prevention Program
What is Dementia?

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